You can now buy a Windows 11 license direct from Microsoft but we know a cheaper option

To take a screenshot of an open window, press Shift+Command+4+Spacebar. Your cursor is now a camera that you can click over the window you want to capture. This software is quite effective and interesting to capture the screen and many people around the world are using it frequently.

  • However, to upload gameplay videos, you need to record them first.
  • BlueJeans allows you to save your video meetings thanks to its recording function.
  • Windows 8.1 also adds the ability to take a screenshot from the Share charm.

You can paste it into an image editor, like Paint 3D, to edit and save it. Or, you can share it with a friend or colleague by pasting the image into a chat or email. There are two ways to capture a screenshot on your Chromebook using keyboard shortcuts. You can either press Ctrl+Show windows or you can press Ctrl+F5. For some reason, you may need to take a full or partial screenshot on your Windows 10 computer.

Check Bluetooth support Service Running

The app will check if your PC has the recommended system requirements to install Windows 11. You can also upgrade through the Windows Update program on your PC. After the download, double-click the ISO file and then double-click the setup.exe file. Click Next at the initial install screen to check for and download any updates to Windows 11. At the Ready to Install screen, you will see that Windows 11 will be installed and personal files and apps will be kept by default.

This can solve a bunch of problems, including issues with the Bluetooth. If none of the above fixes help you overcome the Bluetooth issues, then it is highly likely that the problem lies with the hardware. But before you go out to get a Bluetooth adapter, there’s one last thing that you could try which has been known driversol to work for a lot of users facing similar problems.

How to record your screen on a Mac

You can link your Android phone to your PC using the Your Phone app. Your Phone by Microsoft lets you be on top of your life by letting you receive your texts and messages on your PC in real-time. You can reply to messages, make calls, receive calls, access your phone apps — all right from your PC. Moreover, the app allows you to create custom-designed wallpapers using your photos and/or videos. Google Drive is a cloud storage application, which gives you 15 GB of cloud space to upload your files, documents, images, etc. and sync it with all your devices. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers along with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Alternatively, you can press Win + A to launch the Action Center. To turn Bluetooth on or off, simply click on the Bluetooth tile. When Bluetooth is active, the tile will be blue, and when it’s turned, off it will be grey.

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